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Biorefinery Project

About the project

The Biorefinery Project is part of the INA Downstream 2023 New Course strategic transformation programme and is in line with the company's development guidelines. The location in Sisak is an important part of INA's business, and the support of the EU and the Government of the Republic of Croatia are key prerequisites for the final realization of this project.

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Advanced BiofuEl production integrated with biogenic Carbon CApture, Utilisation and StoragE

Cultures not intended for food or feed

245.000 t


Miscanthus and agricultural residues

Advanced bioethanol

55.000 t




52.000 t


CO₂ is captured and permanently stored in geological formations


24.000.000 m3


per year available for the production of electrical energy

Green energy for plant needs

560.000 t

88.000 MWh


annual production of technological steam

in annual electricity production

Sustainable circular economy

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Recovery and Resilience Plan approved within which the Biorefinery was mentioned

Zagreb, 12 July 2021

During an official visit to Zagreb on July 8, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen confirmed that the Croatian Recovery and Resilience Plan worth HRK 48.7 billion had been accepted.


The Biorefinery Project is well on its way to being declared a strategic project of the Republic of Croatia

Zagreb, 24 August 2020

The Biorefinery met the formal criteria set by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, which officially included it in the List of Strategic Projects, and a Task Force lead was assigned to the project to facilitate preparations for implementation.


INA applied to have the Biorefinery project granted the status of a strategic investment project for the Republic of Croatia

Zagreb, 23 June 2020

Despite the challenging business environment, INA continues to pursue the strategic INA Downstream 2023 New Course project and the transformation of the Sisak site into an industrial centre.


INA completes testing of energy crop miscanthus

Zagreb, 2 September 2019.

As part of the INA Downstream 2023 New Course programme and the analysis of developmental possibilities for bio-component refining, the first harvest of the miscanthus energy crop was completed at the beginning of the year. The miscanthus (lat. Miscanthus x giganteus) was planted on a demonstration farm in Rugvica in cooperation with BC Institute near Zagreb, and this season’s harvest yielded around 30 tons of biomass.



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Harvest of miscanthus 2020.

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Harvest of miscanthus 2019.